I saw a set of all-black Herman G6’s at Ross today(yes that sounds like total bullshit but it’s true) in my size and I really wanted to get them but they’re ugly as fuck in that colorway. Wish they were the gum ones.

Anonymous asked:

I'm a fifteen year old girl that's been passionate about skateboarding since I was eight (but doesn't know how to skate!) I would love to learn but many male skateboarders judge females because some don't do well. What are your thoughts? Advice? Thank you


I think every day more girls are starting to skate. Go get a board and start trying. You may get some shot from a few vocal assholes but I’ll bet most skaters will be stoked to see a girl out skating. Learn to ride a little bit before showing up at the park though. When you start out you just need some smooth ground to roll on.